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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


{2300 Arena}
"Yeesssssssss . MADDDD." !!!!! Was all I could say as the pictures + videos poured in from this past season of Philly Fashion Week!! Featuring my very own work, I was humbly invited to collaborate and show my custom hand made head-pieces along side Philadelphia based clothing collection Onyx By Onyx Taylor!... Joining the designer, as he took the PFW stage for the first time!  From the second I said yes, I was ecstatic! Just the night before, I was talking to myself about how busy I've been with new business ventures + how much I missed volunteering, but how it would be all good because next season I'll have more time for sure.

Well don't you know, Lo' & behold as the next morning arrived, so did another great opportunity, manifested in just a matter of hours! Thank . You . Universe! Almost every second thereafter, was trying to figure out designs, if he would like them, and above them all, how will I tame my fashion goes there approach to meet his minimalistic meticulousness? Initially, all of that was running through my mind....

Then there was show day, in which it was everything I practically imagined in the most positive way possible! The vibes and the synergy is what I live for! I truly appreciated being apart of such a precious moment for the both of us! See what Designer
Onyx Taylor has to say for himself about the experience!

More photo's + BONUS interview inside.....

FGTN | What Inspired Your Color Palette For Your Current Collection? 

OBYOT | -I was heavily inspired by the morning horizon. The way the clouds sat up against the soft pink sky, jump started my creative process. The rest, is kinds unexplainable.
FGTN | Has anyone ever told you that your designs have a high-end martial arts flair to them? 

OBYOT | -Surprisingly, no. I've been told I have a futuristic vibe to my collections, never martial arts. 
FGTN | Was This Your First Time Showing and/or Attending Philly Fashion Week? 

OBYOT | -I've attended PFW a few times throughout the years and was the creative director to their show opening performer in 2013. This was my first time showing on the runway.

FGTN | How Was Your Over All Experience as an insider etc.? 

OBYOT | -I enjoyed it. Along with the craziness that comes with such a big show a few things I was prepared for. But this is Philly's big fashion stage. Every local designer wants to check it off their list of goals. I would definitely do it again.
FGTN | What Were You Feeling When Your Pieces Were Going Down The Runway? 

OBYOT | -I'm always a hot mess once the first look hit the runway. After the third, I was like " Okay. You got this!"
FGTN | What Was Your Most Memorable Moment About Philly Fashion Week?

OBYOT | -Seeing the girls lined up for they walk. It's always a surreal moment seeing your hard work on body form lined up next to one another. Kind of a mind blown moment. 

FGTN | Name One Of Your Favorite Established Designers?

OBYOT | -MARC JACOBS!!! That man is my everything. I look up to his creative drive. I see a lot of myself in the passion he has behind his brand. He's definitely my idol. 

FGTN | Do You  Have Any Insider Tips For Aspiring Designers Looking To Be Apart Of
Or Coordinate A Fashion Show?

OBYOT | - This might sound so cliche` but, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. There is literally nothing you can't do. Believing the power to make every dream have possible is within you, is the key to making them all come to life.

FGTN | Where Can People Find More Of Your Work? 

OBYOT | -You can follow the brand on Instagram, @OnyxByOnyxTaylor. And keep your eye tuned, we have some dope stuff lined up that I'm super excited about.

{Left to Right} Model Toni Lavell | Designer Onyx Taylor | Photographer Torch Toomuch Buzz | Accessories Designer MelSlim

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