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Saturday, January 2, 2016


Last week, I had the pleasure of viewing  Philadelphia native Uncool_Chuck, curator and creator, of We Culture in a different light! The modern mogul most notably known for his existing clothing line Righteous Rebel and unforgettable style, closed the old year sharing an intimate & inspiring experience with his fellow artist community that was unforgettable.
My perspective of his artwork as a collective, was a reflective process for myself dealing with heartbreak, anger, and confusion to say the least. I left very much inspired and ready to embark on my own art journey to share with the world! 

In the meantime, CALLING ALL PHILLY ARTISTS, for the 3rd and Final artist community photo!!! 500 PPL to stand on the Art Museum steps in unity is this years goal, so let's come together and make this thing happen!
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With an exclusive 2 part art exhibition at 2 different locations, the artist exposed a more vulnerable, open, and all out emotional side that was new, yet quite refreshing & could of only been expressed through art! Yearning to release the frustrations of our society's current events, including the horrors of dealing with love and relationships in today's time, his work was displayed in a combination of  visually stimulating ways such as canvas paintings, photo prints, & simple installations.


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