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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Check out our latest Fashion Goes There TV segment "Locality Love", highlighting Miss Mahogany Fashion Specialty Boutique! A local jewelry/fashion retailer located right here in  Philly. Support the locals, Press Play!!! Click the link to view more!

A little bit about the company...

Miss Mahogany is an American Accessories boutique that embodies the personal style of its CEO, Aisha A. Al-Muid. Launched in November 2014, the boutiques collections has made a name for itself, as being known for color, prints, & eclectic styles. Carrying & specializing in the latest accessories from off the runways and beyond, the boutique sells statement Earrings, Necklaces, Handbags, Accessories, Beauty products, Home decor, Watches & more! 

Launching Miss Mahogany in November 2014 was a big risk in West Philadelphia's 60th Street revitalizing business corridor neighborhood and thus has been well received! I myself was super surprised, and pleased might I add, to see a "real" store in the heart of the neighborhood! 

Miss Mahogany has been recognized by the Philadelphia Chapter of The African American Chamber of Commerce as a 5 Star Shopping Experience. Owner, Aisha Al-Muid looks forward to employing local residents as well as growing Miss Mahogany into a globally recognized brand for 5 star services and great accessories! 

Stop in to see what Miss Mahogany has to offer. You won't be disappointed!
To learn more about Miss Mahogany visit their website HERE or follow the boutique on Instagram for updates & discounts @MISSMAHOGANYPHILLY

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