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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Last year, I was invited to be apart of a new movement manifesting itself in Philadelphia history. To join the city's finest artists on the music, art, & fashion scene in capturing a timeless memorabilia of strength, unity, & change during this new era of evolving culture in Philadelphia! The photo took place on the epic steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum evoking a black & white image that could be described as the epitome of art in our current artistic community! Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity :( whomp whomp ... I know, and as you could imagine I was devastated. However, at the time I was developing my first solo demonstration event for MaryAnn's Daughter so I couldn't spend too much time sobbing. But I'll tell you what, I won't be missing this one! And you shouldn't either. Read on for more information.

When I saw that the founder Uncool Chuck had been promoting a second We Culture Artist Community Photo I was super happy for my take 2! For Philly this is big! It is a huge milestone in showing that we Can come together and unite for a positive cause despite the stigma. Especially, during the times we are going through now. The people that were and will be in these photo time capsules are some of the most influential creatives in the city if not our generation and it'll be an honor to be included in this years photo, not to mention open the new year in such a powerful & impactful way!

When: Sunday January 4th, 2014

Where: Art Museum Steps 

Time: 2:30PM Sharp 

In an effort to have an even larger turnout in 2015, support the movement and share the details with a fellow creative!

Represent Philadelphia and its vastly artistic community and show the world what Unity & Togetherness looks like!

For further information checkout @ WE_CULTURE and/or @UNCOOL_CHUCK via Instagram ! See you there 

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