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Friday, August 22, 2014


I am super stoked to be project managing this epic tour production! I need everyone that reads this to come out and enjoy a night full of positive vibes & positive people!!! Our tour kickoff is hastily approaching on August 29th and I cannot wait! Countless hours and efforts have been poured into this dream of bringing positivity, social change, & conscious truths to the community in a wavy way!
Introducing to you The 2nd Annual Spokenword/NeoSoul OPP Tour// Peace & Love Concert!

The "O.P.P. Tour" is a showcase performed by local artist of the conscious mind and was created summer of 2013, by Philadelphia’s own local poet and community activist, Rodney Seth Roberson Jr.
Popularly known as “Brother Bang Bang”. The movement started as a 4 city tour and, living up to its hype & success from last year, is expanding into a 10-Stop City Tour! Hitting the streets of Philly, Jersey, Delaware, Baltimore, D.C. New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Ohio & Pittsburgh!!!

Find out more inside!
The line-up is crazy! So gear up to hear Spoken word & Neo Soul like you've never heard it before! With over a dozen artists ripping the stage including featured artist such as American Idol contestant Ms. Kriss Mincey, V.I.P  (Voices In Power) Luis Marrero, & "Judge Your Mother" Brother BangBang how could you walk away not saying your down wit O.P.P?!!

Tickets start @ $20 for General admission passes.Complimentary wine inclusive. $50 for V.I.P Complimentary food, choice of wine or Ciroc, & seating inclusive!
For more information on purchasing tix visit!

Proud Sponsors Include:

Clothing provided by The A-List Look, 
V.I.P sponsored by Ciroc Boys, Additional Sponsors include ACAF, Downtown Hott Radio, 
& Fashion Goes There Network!

The O.P.P. Organization will be donating half of the events proceeds to local community charities such as 
homeless shelters, playgrounds, youth foundations, etc. Help us help the community!! 
I hope to see all my Fashion, Music, & Art Lovers There!

Meet us at One Art | Wall Street International 
1431-39 N. 52nd Street | Phila. Pa. | 19131
Show starts @ 7PM ;-)

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