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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Finally, Finally, Finally, I had the time tonight to finish off sharing my volunteering experience with you guys at the 11th season of Philly Fashion Week!!! So, day three and four.......... 
Imagine an atmosphere full of ALL walks of creative people showcasing their love towards style, art, & passion freely! I was super excited that I had the opportunity to photograph behind the scenes photo's of Project Runway's Season 12 winner, and Philly's own Ready-to-Wear Designer Dom Streater during all the madness! (I loved the collection, Dom!)
 For me, it was the perfect rendition of the modern romanticist....With beautiful hues of pink, white, black and floral abstract prints and Oh, of course the impeccable craftsmanship, I was truly able to appreciate the love and hard work that went into every garment! 
All in all day two, the Couture show as a whole, was my Favvvvvv! 
I love Color! And you can expect a lot of color from the designers inside! Since Fashion Goes There, I am all about taking fashion to another level! I met a ton of wonderful designers as well as models, jewelry designers, artists etc. and can't wait until next season! Click the link to get exclusive backstage access to PFW's Ready-to-Wear and Couture Runway Shows FGT style and don't be afraid to let me know what you think!

{Closet by Cristobal for Men}

{Ralph Leroy}

{Anne Luchade}
{Suede Sqaure}

{Tu Decor}
{Tu Decor}
{AnaBella Don}
{Dom Streater Designs}

{Dom Streater}

{Closet by Christobal}

{Ian Alexander}

{Closet by Cristobal | Jewelry by IdArtLuv}
{Lille Designs}

{Nicci Hou}
{Dramatik Fanatic}

{Birana Eliza Busam}

{Jaames Nelson Designs}
{Jaames Nelson Designer}

{Ian Alexander}

Had to throw in the dirty mirror pic .lol..

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