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Thursday, September 5, 2013


{Soft Bangles- ButtaMay}

Hey guys, check out some cool photo's from a some-what recent swim shoot that I styled! It's a great end of summer tribute!! So, I had to travel to East Orange NJ to meet up with Photographer King Boyett along with the rest of our amazing team to get to work! I made my first FGT Behind The Scences video & included it to give you guys a glimpse of what went on inside the studio!! This by far was one of my funnest productions that I have been involved in.  And each look was Crazy Cute!.... Special thanks to Model Leslie Salazar, Photographer King boyett, Make-up Artist Anna Bee, Swimsuit Desginer Taleah Young, & all of the uber fab pieces by accessory designers Butta May, Pearl & Crown, Fashion Goes MAD, & Sch-Rel Desire Brand!

{Cuffs & Turban- MAD}
 {Necklace & Ring - Pearl & Crown}
{Hat provided by stylist}

{Sch-Rel Desire}

 {Necklace- Pearl & Crown}

So what do you think? 

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Mel Slim @slimdiddy_mel
King Boyett @kingboyett
Anna Bee @annabee_beat_makeup
Leslie Salazar @leslie_salazar_ Sch-Rel Desire IG:@sdesirebrand Butta May IG:@mrsgriffin821
www. Pearl & Crown IG:@pearlincrown Fashion Goes MAD IG:@dare2wearmad Taleah Young 

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