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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Saturday night while in Old City, I attended the US*US boutique for the Indie Designer 1st Friday mixer!! The event was thrown to support local independent, made in america, fashion designers and was sponsored by HughE Dillon of Philly Chit Chat, Sarragamo, Tito's Handmade Vodka, & DJ Chaisley Lussier!! Some of the featured designers included LELE, Aso Dimisi, Secret Bohemia, Lobo Mau, Katie Yamaguchi, Mariel Rojo, & Lila Ila! 

The event was a hit!! Last fall I went to my first Indie Designer takeover event (pics below) held at the Kembrel Pop-up Shop on Chestnut St.. And it was fun, but this one was wayy more of my type of party! I loved the indoor/outdoor setting along with the free style-spirt atmosphere. And as always, I had a wonderful time meeting some pretty cool peeps! Check them out when you read on.
After snapping a few pics, I wanted to double back around the corner to Cultured Couture for their Art-Music first Friday event! By the time I got there the festivities were over :(. I did get a chance though to take a quick flick of my good friend and his uber cute dog Polo!!

See what went down when you read on...!...

{Anh Mai} of {}

{Jacqueline Davis Moranti} of {}

{Mariel Rojo} Designer of {MarielRojo.Com}
{Ian Michael Crumm} of {IanMichaelCrumm.Com}
{Lobo Mau Designs}
{Nicole Haddad} Designer of {Lobo}
{Iye Yindae} of {Cultured Couture Galleria}
{Laura Galindo}

{Independent Flavor Designs}

{Pearl & Crown Designs}

{Ross & Brent Ericsson} of {Reem Men's Style Blog}

 {Michael & Myself}

For more photo's of last Saturday's event go to

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