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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 It's All About I N D I V I D U A L I T Y!
This was the best Odunde that I have ever been too! I don't know why..... but it was just something about the energy in thoses streets of South Philly that ooozed peace & love!! The streets were packed as ususal, but there was no negativity.....there wasn't even enough air space for that.Lol. The vibe was just too powerful!!

It was a really great feeling to be in one place at one time with sooo many people that appreciated art, individuality, music, dance, style, and most importantly African culture!!!
I left feeling revived, regenerated, & almost reinvented in a way!
...........See more flicks when you scroll on.



 ( They was getting down during the Wobble!!)

I sure hope you enjoyed the photo's!!......And if you happened to miss the event yet looking forward to attended next years festival, look out for a date in the second week of June ;-)
Selected photo's by: Natalie N.

 Vth Color, Wild Bliss, Righteous Rebel, Odunde, Mary Ann's Daughter,
 Buzz Club, Cultured Couture Galleria,  Hello Philly

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