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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 Yesterday was an exciting day for me as I turned the pages of the Daily News hastily in an effort to find my personal style photo taking by no other than Philly's own Big Rube!! He captured this amazing photo about two weeks ago and I have to admit I wondered if it was actually going to be published. The street shot was wonderful and so was the short synopsis of how we ran into each other that day titled "Nice Kicks". It read:

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"I spotted Mel Edmond @ 16th and Market looking chic and sassy in her business best and high heels. She works for an interior design firm so style is a big part of her life" 

We all know there's more to why I love fashion but nonetheless, HOW CUTE!!!!

To get more insight on what Big Rube is all about, be sure to check out his blog daily at Where he captures style, fashion & the decisive moment!!!

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