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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So, early Saturday evening I got the chance to view an exclusive T-shirt line based out of Harlem, New York!! The event was held at Showroom 77, which is one of Philly's first showrooms, located right off of South Street! The owner/blogger of Young, Hip & Chic, Tweety Elitou, decided to partner with Urban FLRT to give Philly a little taste of the creativity that comes straight out of Harlem!
I arrived pretty late, but of course I still had the pleasure to meet Mr. Corey Wesley who is the owner and designer of  the Urban FLRT brand. His shirts were ultra soft and are designed with the art embedded in the shirts themselves. Giving you the opportunity to make any style your favorite and wear it over and over and over again!! The trunk show was an amazing  introduction to his Spring/Summer 2013 collection and the chic tee's gave me Art & Fashion at it's best!!  I was uber happy that I got  my very own UF tee! was free, lol!
For more photo's of the collection, click the link to view them inside!!............

{ Me & Urban FLRT Owner, Corey Wesley }

  { Owner/Blogger of YHC on Right }

 { Angela Emunds, Owner of Showroom 77 }

 So What Do You Think? Will you be rocking URBAN FLRT?

For more information go to: 
Facebook: Urban FLRT

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