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Friday, March 1, 2013


Meet the Photographer!! I officially met the very talented Ricky Codio last year during a Philly Style Bloggers event co-hosted by Rent The Runway. Previously, I had seen his work popping up all over the city with a fresh, new....and very artistic style! The moments he captures on camera have a feel & vibe of simplicity, yet they are powerful and complex all at the same time!! I would have to say, that's my favorite part about his photograph's!
Inside, FGT covers an extensive interview with Ricky touching basis on his favorite genre to shoot, where he's originally from, & how he got his foot in the industry!!! .........Be sure to click the link to also view more photo's of his unique work.

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FGT: What is your name and what do you go by in the Photography Industry?

RickyC: "Well my name is Ricky. I go by Ricky Codio."

FGT: Where are you originally from?
RickyC: "I'm from Haiti."

FGT: Oh okay, Haiti! How long have you been in America or rather Philly?

RickyC: I've been in Philly for about less than ten years probably.

FGT: Where was your destination when you left Haiti?

RickyC: "When I left Haiti, I came to America in-around 98'. I used to live in New York. So I might originally be from New York lol."
FGT: How many years have you been pursuing Photography as a profession?

RickyC: "Well, I've been pursuing Photography as profession for about a year in a half maybe... but I've been doing it for longer. You know making money and stuff off of it and stuff like that."

FGT: If you had to use three words to describe your Photography what would it be?

RickyC: "Visual stimulating, different, colorful."
FGT: So what type of work do you normally shoot?
RickyC: "I do a lot of Fashion."

FGT: Is that your favorite type?
RickyC: "Yeah"

FGT: What would you say differentiates your photography skills compared to other Photographers in the city?
RickyC: "I just see things differently. My work is less serious and more fun."
 FGT: What would you say motivates you or inspires you to wake up and do it every single day?

RickyC: "Rent. Lol....But I mean, I love doing it. I like the feed back that I get from people. I enjoy hearing about what people think of what I'm doin."

FGT: Do you have any favorite Photographer or person in the industry that you admire or look up to. Somebody that made you want to start...?

RickyC: "Not really, I don't even own a single magazine. Everything I do is off the top of my head."

FGT: Well how did you get into Photography and everything?

RickyC: "Originally, I was a screen writer. I was writing movies and stuff and I was working on my own t.v. show..."

FGT: "Oh Really...what was that called?

RickyC".....It was called Fallen Stars, which was how I got the whole fallen stars name. And I mean it's more to it than that, but that's a different story."

FGT: Lol, Alright!

RickyC: ..."But um, I was working on my t.v. show and it was suppose to be showing at this theater in New York   and Jersey, but you know budgeting, filming, and everything got in the way. So, I met up with a friend of mine who I know that films when I was working at T-mobile. At the time I was like 18-19, and you know, he had this party that he was throwing, that he used to throw every Wednesday @ P.Y.T. , and I wanted to go there but I was not old enough to get in.

So, I remember I took some pictures for somebody a couple of times a while he was like just bring a camera and say your the photographer and they'll let you in. I got in there and had the camera, so I had to start taking picture's. And that's how I kinda got into it. Then you know I uploaded the pics and everybody liked them. They told me to come back next week and I did it again, and again, and again and eventually...."

FGT: What would you say are some encouraging words that you can give to upcoming Photographers in the city and all over.

RickyC: " Do it as much as you can. Don't be afraid to work for free in the beginning because you need as much exposure and practice as possible. And do it cause' you love it. I started as a screen writer but I always into visual arts, and storytelling.

FGT: Oh okay ok!

RickyC: I was into photography in high school, but I really wasn't pursuing it. Just doing it enough built a passion. So, if you love it Do It! Try it. If you don't do do it, because your passion shows in your work."

FGT: As far as people you like to work with in the city, do you prefer to work with the younger crowd instead of the older crowd?

RickyC: "Yeah, I do like to work with a lot with the younger crowds.... I work with a lot of different clothing lines and stuff like that. I'd say I like to work with the young crowd because of , you know, the new ideas they have and the ambition. I like to work with the older crowd because they know the business.

FGT: Other than Fashion, what other type of categories of photography do you shoot?

RickyC: "I love to shoot musicians a lot. I like fashion, but the way I see my work, there's no set thing that I will not do you know. I will pretty much dive into anything. Except landscape. I'm not really a big fan of landscape."

FGT: Awe really lol, why not?

RickyC: It's just boring to me. I like the power of controlling what I can produce. You know I can't move the building, lol!"
FGT: What are some of your current or upcoming events that you have going on?

RickyC: "Well I'm working on my second Gallery show. My first one was May 5th of  2012. It was called "Evolution" and that one came out really well. I had a good turn out and everything, so I'm working on my next gallery show "See What I See".

FGT: Ok. So, how would you describe your rates are they good.... fairly good?

RickyC: "People don't really complain about the rates."

FGT: And lastly, how can the people reach you if they wanted to use you for your services?

RickyC:"They could email me at Ricky Codio & Instagram Ricky Codio."

So what you think? Let us know below!

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