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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


A few weeks back, I got invited to a small jewelry showcase that was being held at a new hotel in Old City.  The display took place on the rooftop lounge at Hotel Monaco inside one of their uniquely decorated event rooms. The view was AMAZING!!!!.....
Ashley Devawn hosted the intimate event, while giving away complimentary gifts to all of her guest! Her online boutique is based out of New York City but is truly nation wide, selling accessories from all over including Florida, Chicago, California, the DMV and even Canada!!! Some of the Designers that can be found on are Vintage Royalty, Street Luxe, CanDID Art, and Mdurvwa!
To get a sneak peak on what you'll find on the site when you check it out, click on the link to view more photo's inside!!

{Click the link to View More}

So What Do You Think? Will you be purchasing from Devawn?

Facebook: Devawn Accessories
IG: Ashley Devawn

Selected photographs taking by: Taylor Baldwin

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