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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Last night I attended the official launch of Milan Rouge's blog and her brand Milano Di Rouge. I have to say I was impressed! The event was a major success!!! I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Milan during the event as we stood in the lobby of  Industry XIX  &  discussed her position in the industry, how long she has been going hard, and her excitement about her recent accomplishments!! Relive the night by clicking the link and find more photo's as well as the full interview inside!!

Milan Rouge: Blogger, Stylist, Photographer, Videographer, Designer
FGT: So what exactly do you have going on for yourself tonight?

MR: "Well I am launching my brand and my website I Am Milan"

FGT: How long have you been doing I Am Milan

MR:"I actually have been doing it since June of this year."

FGT: What is your experience behind blogging?

MR: "Well I didn't have any experience I just love giving advice. I really love encouraging women to look their best and act their best and that's basically my main focus."

FGT: Do you always give your family and friends advice?

MR: "Always!...I even give strangers advice lol!"

FGT: Lol, ok okay...So are you excited about tonight the turnout was a huge success?

MR: "Yes, I'm excited! I thank you- I thank everyone who came out to support!!"

FGT: So where can everybody find you?

MR: "You can find my at, @iammilanrouge on Instagram and Twitter, & Iammilanrouge on Facebook!"

For more photo's visit!

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