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Monday, December 17, 2012

GOODBYE GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!! X O X O................VIEW MORE

The drama, the intensity, the BEST!!! The season finale tonight was everything I needed it to be....Blair and Chuck, Serena and Dan....the Bass'. Too much! And you already know the fashion was on point!! This series was one of the first fashion t.v. shows to inspire me to do what I'm doing today! Every look has been consistently executed on an immaculate level episode after episode and tonight didn't fail me either. Leighton Meester (Blair) wore a beautiful blue Elie Saab gown and Blake Lively(Serena) ended the evening in a gold & white tulle Georges Chakra Couture gown! We all knew this was coming one day & anybody with any type of style, fashion sense, and/or class is going to truly miss Gossip Girl, I know! The young and chic's FAV sop-opera lol!   XoXo Gossip Girl!!! the link for more photo's
They finally get married!

And so does Serena & Dan!

Eric came back!
And so did Jenny!!

P.S., What do you think about Dan being Gossip Girl?!?!?!?..... CRAZY RIGHT.......Great plot, great acting, great ending!

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