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Friday, November 16, 2012


If you don't already know, the time has come for all of us girls (& guys) that has ever dreamt of owning a $1000-or-more piece from the masterful Maison Margiela!! Yesterday, November 15th marked the date of the release for H&M and Maison Martin Margiela's highly anticipated collabo! The unconventional high fashion pieces are now on sale at H& and priced at super affordable costs compared to the brand's every day prices. View some of my favorite pieces from the combo when you read on. You'll also be glad to catch a glimpse of what the leading edge collection will run your pockets & your purses!!! ;-) the link for more photo's

Glove Clutch $149
Over Sized Turtleneck $149
Hitched up Dress $199
Duvet Coat $349 ; Mirrored Leggings $40
Over Sized Jacket $199 ; Circle Skirt $80
Dark Sweater $129
Horizonta Dress $199 ; Plexi Wedge Boots $399
Trompe L'oeil Body Suit $40; Over Sized Jeans $70
Candy Wrapper Over Sized Clutch $60
Reversed Denim Jean Set $228; Painted Ankle Boots $299
Reversed Coat $399
Suit Jacket $129 ; Sweater $99
 Wool Coat $199 ; Painted Vest $60 ; Painted Jeans $99

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