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Monday, August 27, 2012


Well Well Well what do we have here???
Fashion at its best as some would call it, but mostly known as the Baroque trend!! This trend is my Fav so far for our upcoming Fall season, as gold is my favorite color ;-).  Not to mention, D&G executed its revival in the most modern way. Drawing me to it like a bug in the night to a bright light, lol!!

Baroque is defined as a highly decorated form of Art, developed during the 1600's. It was a period of artistic style that flourished all throughout Europe at the hands of painters, architectural designers, dancers, men of literature, & musicians. The word was derived from the Spanish term "Barroco" referencing an "imperfect pearl", which certainly has the perfect contrast in my eyes!..... Be sure to view more and get a load of D&G's interpretation of this legendary, fanciful, & extravagant trend!!!
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So what do you think??

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