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Monday, July 2, 2012


Last week I finally got to meet up with the Owner of Aesthetik's Boutique, Miss Khadia Conteh, down at her lovely consignment shop located in Philadelphia's, Northern Liberties Walk. Her soon to be one stop shop, is the intro to FGT's new segment called Locality Love! Shinning light and showing love to some of the hottest Philly and local surrounding Boutiques!!!.....Click the link to find out more about your future local fashion love, Aesthetik's Boutique!

The first time I ever stepped foot in this boutique I was impressed!! Aesthetik's Boutique carries both Men's and Women's clothing, shoes & accessories for the everyday lady as well as ties for the rare gentleman.The fab boutique displays a number of designers from local designers such as Search and Rescue, Gossip Chiq, Dhengi Brand etc. all the way to  Chanel & Tom Ford, Fendi, Versace` and sooo much more.!!
Be sure to check out our interview with Khadia Below.......

What gave you the idea to name your boutique Aesthetik's Boutique?
"The name Aestheik's Boutique itself comes from the concept of beauty and everybody's perception of  beauty is different, their aesthetic is totally different. So,the name Aesthetik's Boutique was basically derived from me wanting to meet all different aesthetic needs. I want everybody to be able to come here and get a piece that they enjoy whether it is for them or their grand mother."

How long has Aesthetik's Boutique been in business?
"Since December....December was my grand opening. So it hasn't been too long but somewhere like 7 month's. We're trying to make it much longer than that! lol"

What inspired you/motivated you to open up?
"I've always been business minded & I've always wanted to own my own business So I just started doing research on the type of business' to own. I found out that consignment was one of them, & I had previously fallen in love with consignment, so.

Even though the economy may suck, I feel like your wardrobe should not. Because of that I wanted to give people great items at an affordable price. I wanted people to be able to come here and buy a Gucci bag for $250, where as normally it might cost them $1000 etc. I also want the boutique to be a platform for designers who are not able to own their own stores. When people come to Philly I want them to automatically want to stop in and know about  Aesthetik's Boutique."

So, describe the kind clothes you carry...& Who's your ideal target market?
"I carry everything! Men's items...Hats, Shoes, Ties, Blazers Jeans, etc. & for Women pretty much the same; Shoes, Accessories including hand bags & jewelry etc., and of course Clothes. I aim to have some of the best designers from where ever." So, when people want to consign something, the first three things I ask them is why do they want to give their item or garment it because it cant fit you, its too worn, or you cant find anything to match with it? Whats the reason?...If they say its because they cant find anything to match then please consign your item lol if its because ill, it's ugly then please keep your item lol!" My ideal target market isn't necessarily specific because all my things are so diverse.....but I guess I would say mainly woman from the ages of 24 to 35."

What would you say is your favorite thing about "Fashion"?
"My favorite thing about fashion is that it's universal. U may have never met a person before, but in five minutes fashion can make you love that person. I love the fact that clothes can talk. You don't have to say a word, I think that's so cool!"

Tell us some of your current or upcoming projects?
"I've been working on my scarves. My family is from West Africa. So the idea of the scarves came from the funky fabrics and everything like that. We design the infinity scarves that's basically for fashion but also for warmth as well as all different things. So we help out the people of West Africa by having them make the fabrics & scarves just for a source of income and they send them over here. Soon we'll be making pants etc. 

Also, we have a host of events coming up, such as a Hats event for Women and a Men's night out event, where we will turn the whole walk into a casino, both in July. In September we will be participating in a Health and Wellness event across in the Piazza. So, we have a number of things coming up!"

Do you have any words of advice or words of wisdom for someone who is just breaking in the industry?
"Definitely! My advice would be that you have to be your number one supporter first.How can other people believe in you if you don't believe in yourself. Follow your dreams, have an idea and stick with it. Even if nobody else believes in it stick with it until it works out!!"

 Conatct Aesthetik's Boutique via social media!!

FACEBOOK: Aesthetiks Boutique
TWITTER: AesthitiksB
INSTAGRAM: AesthitiksB
WEBSITE: Coming Soon!!

{AB Fashion Show| Friday night | June 22, 2012}
LIBERTIES WALK 1030 N 2ND ST UNIT 3 Philadelphia,Pa 19123
{Owner, Khadia Conteh}
The Show included clothing from Aesthetik's Boutique & Gossip Chiq by Shashay Shante

So what do you think of Aesthetik's Boutique??
Glam Slam or Not A Fan

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