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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tribute @ the Cemetery R.I.P. MOMMY!............ view more

Life is many things but never meaningless and no matter what is thrown at you, you have to hold on to your faiths. Saturday June 16th,  marked a anniversary date in my life that just ain't so sweet I'd have to say. But hey, I'm the type of person that always believed that everything happens for a reason. So I really never questioned why my mother died at age 13.  I figure, maybe life is teaching me some things that she may never could...Thinking back on what kind of life I imagine I would've had if she were still here. Normally, I don't discuss this sort of thing with people that aren't my closest family & friends, but this year marks ten and that's something talk about! And what better way than through styling and shooting at her grave site!

Many people may think this is spooky but this shows just the opposite. Through this photo shoot I got to express the different emotions I've felt being a young woman without her mother. I wanted to portray shots from sadness to denial to acceptance to joy, love and happiness. Even down to my spiritual struggles, I feel to get through it all means it all equals freedom!!
~R.I.P. MAE~
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