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Saturday, March 10, 2012

COMEBACK KID!!!!: MCM..........view more

So as I flipped page by page through the March issue of  Harper's Bazaar mag., I stumbled across a 4 page spread of new designs from the classic Michael Cromer Munich (MCM) Spring/Summer 2012 collection; from ready to wear, to jewelry, to luggage, to watches & most of all my Fav - hand bags!!.... Right at that moment, I thought about the first time I had owned anything MCM and how much I loved my classic fanny pack, but since it was vintage it would never really be "MY OWN" if you know what I mean. Only to find, that in 2005 the line was bought  by one of the richest women in asia, Sung-Joo Kim! Changing every thing that I had ever thought, about owning my very own MCM hand bag!! The new and improved MCM (Mode Creation Munich) made their official Comeback when they released the Fall/Winter 2010 collection about two years ago.
............ Click on the link for pictures of the revived, luxurious, and well designed handbags from this seasons 2012 collection. Delivering variety out the Wazoo!!!!!


{Bags & Back Packs ranging from  $770-$1700}


 So why not call it a COMEBACK????

GlamSlam or NotAFan
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