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Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, for the last couple of month's I have been having technology issues. However, the time is now that I can share what I've been doing in the past time. With that being said meet the new face of MAD Muff Accessories-Model Mitchie Rae'!!
I had the pleasure to meet this wonderful, beautiful, and naturally talented young lady on my way to work one early morning quite some time ago. As I scouted her on her way to Walmart I instantly knew I was making the right call and it has definitely been my pleasure working with her thus far. On Sunday, Dec.4 Mitchie Rae' made her debut for Mary Ann's Daughter as she modeled up & around Art's Beats & Eats, styled in Wear House Boutique & MAD Muff Accessories. (& just & case you didn't know ABE is a Monthly charitable event displaying all forms of Art whether it be spoken word, live art, fashion, wine, even food etc.  ) At one point the Night became pretty hilarious and unforgettable. I got to sit back, laugh, & witness "MAD Mitchie" flame into a hot commodity right before my eyes, as other vendors @ the event yearned to use her as their own model for the night!!... Click on the link to view more photo's of the night.......Good times I say Good times ;)

Wear House Boutique on right 

Welcome Mitchie!!! We would love to fab you = )

See more photo's of the night @

Glam Slam or Not A Fan??

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