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Monday, December 19, 2011

F.G.T. FASHION SHOWCASE pics for LA FA'SHINDIG.............view more! ! ! !

Designs by Pearl in Crown, Mary Ann's Daughter, Independent Flavor and so much more..
"LA Fa'Shindig" was definitely a night to remember for my self, in which I couldn't complain @ all! I just remember standing in the arch way of the doors of EA Effect Boutique, soaking in a whirl pool of emotions as I sent out each MAD Muff Model for my first fashion showcase. Not only did I individually make an eleven piece collection, I coordinated and styled the show while suffering from a major allergic reaction. I was so proud of my self  for being able to fight through the many trials and tribulations that seemed as if they could easily stand in my way. Yet, I was still able to celebrate all of the many accomplishments within this yr's basis!! Every one played a huge and vital part in LA Fa'Shindig especially EA Effect Boutique and I would  like to thank all that contributed their support!!.......To view some of the fab pictures of the night click the link above....

EA Effect Boutique

HAIR by: Carla Clarkson
MAKE-UP by: Lo Lo
PHOTOGRAPHY by: Enne Adri & Robert Waczynski
 to view more photo's go to Fashion Goes There Network on FaceBook
Glam Slam or Not A Fan??

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