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Sunday, October 2, 2011

KANYE WEST'S SPRING 2012 "Dw" COLLECTION.......view more

As Kanye west would say it, he went H.A.M. debuting & delivering great designs last night during Paris Fashion Week! To me, the showcase embodied the feel or inspiration behind what's his "Ultimate Woman" and what she would dress like! Targeting a sexy, yet sophisticated, style setter while showing his peers what Dw is made of as he made his mark in the industry for the first time!........ Loved the Hair, loved the clothes, loved it all! It was just a matter of time for Ye'.
for more photo' on the link to enter a world of fashions 2 die for!

My 2 favs about the line is that the "Dw" is in memory of his mother Donda West AND all the girls are wearing "Yeezy" necklaces!! How cute . .

 What do you think?
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