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Thursday, September 22, 2011

La Fa`Shindig! (FASHION GOES THERE LAUNCH PARTY!!!)......view more

It really means a lot to me to be able to say that on October 15th there will be a celebration for our 1 year Anniversary!!! I'm sooo excited yet @ the same time nervous... I mean come on, this is my first official event but things are going Great! Im thankful for every supporter and motivator I have out there....and Hey if you're not on the wagon I suggest you hop on now (lol)! SEE YOU ON OCTOBER 15th, 2011 @ EA EFFECT BOUTIQUE, LOCATED AT THE PIAZZA @ SCHMIDTS. (1050 Hancock St. 19123..a few doors down from PYT)  from 7pm-11pm! link for more info
Contact me for more info @  

FGT will be collaborating with EA Effect Boutique to put on a Fashion Showcase featuring designs from...
  • Pearl in Crown
  • Independent (IF)
  • Amare Sinh
  • MAD
There will be a host of Fashion Lovers from the Tri State area so make sure you have your Business cards, Comp cards, Flyers etc..Hope to see you there Fierce Friend!


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