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Monday, September 5, 2011

FASHION GOES THERE FAB GIVEAWAY ! ! ! ! !.....view more

Become a FIERCE FRIEND of F.G.T and help us reach 100 FOLLOWERS for a chance to win a Fab Giveaway! 
...AND... the lucky winner will also be eligible for a VIP+2 ticket to Fashion Goes There Launch Party in October!!!

Feeling Lucky?...well what are you waiting for?? 
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1.   First, Go to this link ( or the Fashion Goes There Network fan badge on the side of and like our fan page! 

2.   Next, don't forget to also join Fashion Goes There with Google friend connect through your google, yahoo, or twitter account- located on the side of the home page!

3.   Lastly, make sure your name when joining, & Fashion Goes There Network on Facebook is the same in order to confirm your qualifications! I will check back in with you guys once the site has reached its 100 Fierce Friends = ) and announce the Lucky winner as well as their FAB surprised gift!!!!!!

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