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Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Stephon Wright  (S.W. P.)

From what I know after getting to know Stephon Wright a few wks ago, is that he is an all around "Good Guy" from NJ. And by that I mean He also happens to be a photographer that makes you say "That guy is good!" His captures are timeless and truly deliver what he can do with the cameras eye....!!
interview when you read on ..

Contact @ modelmayhem/stephonwright
Google: Stephon Wright 
Facebook: Stephon Wright

F.G.T. : So what is your position in the Fashion industry?

S.W. : "I'm a freelance Fashion Photographer that also works for a Magazine called Vicissitude."

F.G.T. : How long have you been doing Photography?

S.W. : "Professionally 3yrs...since I was 17." 

F.G.T. : Fav Photographer?

S.W. : "Nigel Barker" 

F.G.T. : What kind of camera do you use? & is it your ultimate camera..if not what camera would you get?

S.W. : "A Cannon Rebel, and no its not the ultimate camera. I would choose the latest Cannon out since they taught us Photography using Cannon's @ the Art Institute."

F.G.T. : What is your Inspiration/Motivation?

S.W. : "Nigel barker is who got me started. I like his hustle and his lifestyle and my motivation is my Grandmother and Just making her proud!"

F.G.T. : Is there any fashion affiliates that you admire in Philly or New Jersey?

S.W. : No.

F.G.T. : What part of Jersey are you from? 

S.W. : "Central Somerset, but originally form Patterson NJ."

F.G.T. : What is some of your upcoming project we should watch out for?

S.W. : Working on a spread for Vicissitude Magazine and I'm having a photo party on June 8th!"

F.G.T. : "FGT How far will you take it" comment...message to the people?

S.W. : "Just keep hustling, don't give up, if your sleeping somebody else is making money!!"
He never sleeps "Time is Money!"


 It doesn't Stop there...!
S.Wright also does his Thang @ Interior & Exterior Photography!....

 What do you think of Stephon Wright?
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