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Friday, May 13, 2011

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A Message from Clint Coley

I don’t know what compelled me to write this, but this subject has been on my mind for quite some time now and I feel like this is a message that everyone should hear. If you like this please put it on your blog/post it your site and let everyone read this because when you’re going for your goals or dreams nothing should stop you.

I feel like our generation has gotten extremely lazy when it comes to pursuing our dreams. 

I feel like we think we are “entitled” to certain liberties and get upset when we have to work for something. Think about it, people complain when they don’t have job, making statements on how hard it is to find a job out here, how the economy is bad, and my favorite line, “nobody is hiring”.

In reality, maybe the reason why you don’t have a job is because YOU aren’t looking hard enough, YOU aren’t following up with your resume’s and YOU aren’t going above and beyond the next man/woman who wants the same job. Its a lot easier to blame other people and play the victim instead of facing the facts and reality that YOU maybe holding yourself back from your own blessing. 

A lot of times in life, WE are our biggest hurdle. We aren’t that hungry for what we really want. There are people who accept and live with mediocrity because they are scared to take a risk and fail. I think this comes from us not being hungry. Think about it, when you’re hungry now, you have the luxury of going to a store and pay for cooked food for you to eat. What’s even MORE luxurious is that YOU eve have a choice, you can get mexican, chinese, thai, italian, french, or soul food whenever you want. Now let’s think, back in the 1400’s there were no McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s or anything. You had to go out and hunt for your food when you were hungry and the fact that a wild animal could kill you didn’t phase you because you were that hungry. 

The reward was worth the risk. 

Imagine if we applied that to our everyday life? If you’re truly hungry for what you want NOTHING will stop you. Be whatever you believe you are going to believe just be HUNGRY. Do the things that you feel will get you to the top. Do not be scared, afraid or worried about what the risk is in pursuing your dream but what the reward is. We would not have great music, movies, comedy, websites, clothes or anything if people were worried about the risk that comes with pursuing their dream. They were hungry, they hunted for their food and they’re eating. When I say “everybody eats b” everyone has the opportunity to eat out here, you just have to go and hunt.

Staying in the house will get you no where but starving and asking someone for a hand out.

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