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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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When I first meet Dougie he introduced himself as " Teach Me How to" lol. Ever since that moment I loved him. 
..Below is an interview with D. Newton the Fashion Producer!

We met @ Borders for a hot chocolate and danish and browsed thru the latest mags!
Facebook: Dougie Newton
Twitter: @Dougie Newton

F.G.T.: So Dougie what is your title in the Fashion Industry?

D. Newton: "Well I am a Fashion Producer/coordinator and I work for this company called Fashion Addicts."

F.G.T.: When did you start and how long have you been doin this?

D. Newton: "I've been doin this for about a year now. I would say I officially started last yr December 5th @ my networking party."

F.G.T.:Where do you get your inspiration/ motivation?

D. Newton:  "Well I get my inspiration from feeling like I was born to do it. Fashion is my calling!" And as far as motivation, it comes from fear of failure or rather fashion is just the only option suitable for me."

F.G.T.:Who's your Fav designer?

D. Newton: "It would have to be D&G. I really like their style; the clothes are weird yet descent!"

F.G.T.: Are there any Philly designers or any one in the industry you admire or look up to?

D. Newton: "Tyren Patrick (designer). He's honest and very helpful due to his experience and also has great clothes! I think of him as a mentor."

F.G.T.: Any current or upcoming projects?

D. Newton: "Yes, May 14th Fashion Addicts Network @ underground, in Temple student center."

F.G.T.: Any last thoughts we have'nt discussed?

D. Newton: "I just want to say that the people here in Philly need to use each other more to humble one another. There's definitely a lack of support here... Everybody's in a position where there trying to grow whether your Russell Simmons or just a average Joe!"

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