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Monday, November 22, 2010

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Model Eliza Maria
Telemarketer & student by day, Model 24/7!!

Agency Website: (Commercial Print Division)

F.G.T. prettyKnurd M had the great opportunity to build a rapport with Eliza during this past summer as they walked alongside each other in Runway show Darkness Falls held @ the Comcast Center in Philadelphia pa.

Get to know the model here

Where did you grow up?
*I grew up in Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia. 
Where did you attend school/licensing?
*I had no formal training for modeling. 
When did you start this profession?
*I started getting into modeling when I was about 12. And I’ve been modeling seriously for the past 4 years. 
How did you step foot into this industry?
*At a very young age I started going to castings (“cattle calls”) and when it was getting me anywhere I began to study every aspect of the industry and I began to network with everyone I met whether it was a photographer or a person working in Macy’s. 
What was your motivation/inspiration?
*My motivation was pretty much everyone telling me that I couldn’t do it. My inspiration was the people that believed in me. My mom devoted a lot of her time and money to making sure that I got to casting calls, made it to shoots, got what I needed for the shoot, etc and since she put so much into it, it inspired me to go hard and to really achieve my dreams. 
Future plans in the industry?
*I plan to complete a successful model run. Published in some big magazines, maybe a billboard or two ;-) And after that I actually want to be a talent manager. I’ve been looking into it lately and I’m going to start studying it and gaining experience soon. I want to help everyone who wants this as much as I did/do but doesn’t know what steps to take to achieve it. 
What current/new projects are you working on?
*Well I can’t give that away!! ;-) I want you guys to be surprised!! But aside from my own modeling career, like I said I’m trying to help some others get their foot in the door at the moment. 
Tell us a little something that wasn’t covered above? 
*Hmmm…a little something that hasn’t been mentioned…you are your best promoter. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. If you’re not out there strategizing how to take what you can get, you’ll never get it. No one is going to just hand it to you. You need to work for it. You need to not only tell, but show people why you are the best and why they need you on your team. No one can promote you like you can! 

 Here's Eliza Featuring in Dimension Magazine

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