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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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These girls are Red Carpet Ready and has a fashion eye that is steady. Take a look @ Katy, Rihanna, And Eva
Here's a look @ Katy Perry & Russell Brand steeping out together for the first time since being hitched. And looking good might i add! They make such a cute couple!
Katy Took a leap into Funky Fashion Fun. Wearing this "Admit One" replica of a ticket stub dress paired with royal blue strapped pumps.

After loosing my interest for awhile, Rihanna managed to win my eye over again on the carpet of the MTV EMA's in this off-white ruffled gown.

Black never goes Bad. & Especially if Eva Longoria is wearing it! As soon as I saw this fun flirty Look i feel in a MBLO moment!

Which Look was your Fav?

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